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Stephen Baker

I have a background in demanding high performance environments as a courtroom lawyer, entrepreneur, professional poker player and coach. These diverse and challenging experiences have helped me develop an understanding of the challenges of life both in high performance environments and in general.

As someone who  has always sought to improve and excel,  I discovered  that even with our best efforts and the implementation of life and performance hacks, there can be unseen, subconscious blockages which prevent us achieving our goals. In an attempt to address the barriers to my own goals, I underwent treatment from a qualified hypnotherapist. The transformation in my life has been profound and set me on the path  to becoming a hypnotherapist myself.

I have helped clients with a  wide range of  issues from the general (for example, ‘How do I live in the moment more and stop worrying about the future’ ?) to the specific (for example, stopping smoking, public speaking, making impulsive decisions at work, toxic patterns in personal and professional relationships). If you have any issue where you believe your own thoughts or patterns of behaviour are not what you want them to be  and prevent you from being who you want to be, I can help you.

Stephen Baker