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Performance Coaching Testimonials!

Welcome to my performance coaching testimonial Page, where you can explore the experiences and feedback of my valued clients. I take pride in sharing their stories and insights, showing the transformative power of our work together. Discover how my coaching has positively impacted their lives and find inspiration for your own journey to success.

In this section, you will find first hand accounts of how our performance coaching has helped individuals from diverse backgrounds. They achieved personal growth, overcome challenges to  unlock their full potential. Each testimonial highlights the unique and tailored approach I offer, addressing specific goals and aspirations.

I believe that sharing these success stories can offer valuable guidance to those considering my coaching services. By learning from others’ experiences, you can gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and its transformative impact on personal and professional growth.

I invite you to read through these testimonials and discover the possibilities that lie ahead on your journey of personal development and achievement. My  commitment to your success is unwavering, and I look forward to being a part of your transformative experience.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, trader, knowledge professional, creative, athlete, or anyone else  aspiring to reach new heights, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the remarkable growth and success that awaits you with my performance coaching program.

Step into the world of our clients and witness the transformative power of performance coaching. Their words exemplify the profound impact our guidance can have on personal and professional success. I am  excited to share their stories and be a part of your own remarkable journey.

Please take a moment to explore the words shared by my clients. Envision the positive impact our coaching can have on your life. I am thrilled to be a part of your transformative journey, supporting you every step of the way. Together, let’s unlock your potential and achieve extraordinary results. Check out the performance coaching testimonials of my clients below.

Patrice Brandt

Sunday Million Winner on Poker Stars!

I have been working with Stephen for two years now. I saw immediate results after we started working together. This year I have been seeing improvements in some of the long-term areas that we have been working on and as a result of this progress, I was able to win the Sunday Million on Poker Stars as well as the UKIPT High Roller. Stephen knows which area to focus on and always comes up with creative solutions. The sessions are also highly motivational.

Andreas Halser


Before working with Stephen I was a profitable trader but I knew I could perform better. Since working with Stephen I have experienced a big upgrade in my performance. He helped me explore my technical leaks . On the mindset side, I feel very calm and relaxed at the moment in general, much more patient so I don’t feel fear of missing a move and having to be on every move like I did previously. This has been very noticeable since our last session, where we did hypnosis around this topic. Yesterday my wife said out of the blue that she feels the coaching is very valuable for me and that she can feel a big difference in regards to my mood and patience!


Anton Wigg

Professional Poker Player/ Entrepreneur

Stephen is a highly effective coach. He is knowledgeable, skilled and very organized. This combination makes every session well prepared, effective, and to the point.

Testimonial Anton Wigg

Gina Valentina-Vatra


Collaborating with Stephen Baker has been a game-changer for me. The positive changes he’s brought into my life are beyond words. I’m profoundly grateful for his insights and guidance. The journey ahead with him is something I’m genuinely excited about.

Ontwerp zonder titel (26)

Ørjan Eide

Online Poker Bracelet Winner

“For the longest time I have felt a gap between what I am capable of and how I am actually performing at the tables. My biggest obstacles were putting too much performance pressure on myself and dealing with tilt issues.

After hypnosis with Steve I felt I could access the part of my game which were always there, but was blocked off by these mental game issues.

Last week I suddenly found myself on the biggest stage imaginable, playing a SCOOP final table, at the top of my buy in range, with life changing money up top. To my surprise I handled myself with ease and executed my play with great precision. I knew I was ready, and I ended up taking 1st place.

Thank you, Steve!! You deserve large credit for this score! Could not have done it without you.”

Testimonial Ørjan Eide

Henrik Johansson


Stephen’s strength is in his holistic approach, not only has he helped me and my team members to work better, but he has also contributed to a stronger foundation beyond my working life.

Testimonial Henrik Johansson
Stéphane Revelly
CEO/ Poker Player

Dear Stephen,
I wanted to debrief you about my 10 days in Vegas.
I’m very happy with how it went, especially my game level, focus and commitment.
It was tough for the first 5 days (incl Main Event): I was totally card dead, missing every flop etc, but I stayed positive and hungry.
I managed to place 5th out of 700 players in the $2500 Mystery Bounty at Venetian (coming as a big chipleader in the final table so it was quite an experience) and right after 63rd out of 2000 players at the $2500 WSOP.
I had to compete with top notch players and was very happy with the way I handled it and of course with the financial result.
I wanted to share this good news with you as you have been one of the factors of my success!

Testimonial Kestutis Gricius
Kestutis Gricius
Professional Poker Player

I had problems ending my sessions on time, sometimes finishing at 2-3 am, instead of the original plan to end at 10-11 pm. It cost me time, money and life quality. The next day I usually felt guilty and disappointed in myself. So this was the first problem that I started to work on with Stephen. I found the root cause of why I was doing it and now in the last 3-4 months I haven’t have a single session end so late. Other problems I had were with scheduling my sessions (session length, break times, etc) and game selection. With continued work with Stephen, I found my best way to schedule and found clarity on what games to play to maximize my profits. Work with Stephen dramatically increased the percentage of time when I’m playing my A-game and the number of poor-quality sessions are reduced to a minimum.

Testimonial Stoyan Obreshkov
Stoyan Obreshkov
Professional Poker Player

Like most poker players, I used to have problems with organization, time management and planning. Working with Stephen has helped me immensely in these areas and now I am more productive while at the same time I defend my leisure time. He is like a walking encyclopedia for personal development. Stephen’s voice is calming and his hypnotherapy goes deep to reprogram the subconscious.

Testimonial Konstantinos Fioravantis
Konstantinos Fioravantis
Professional Poker Player

One of the abilities one has to have or develop as a professional poker player, is to understand the high variance that exists in poker. I have a very difficult time accepting that fact and that creates feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment and despair every time I play. I doubted hypnotherapy would work on me, a person with high anxiety and stress. Steve explained the scientific basis of it, which is something I appreciated being a doubting Thomas. After that, the session made me experience calmness the way I never experienced before. I have seen significant change in my reactions, not only in poker but throughout my day as well, in all aspects of life. I would recommend it to everyone.

Lucas Weledniger
Professional Poker Player

Stephen is amazing. The fact that he was also a professional poker player himself is another plus compared to other mindset and performance coaches I have worked with in the past. Since working with Stephen my results increased exponentially and so has my lifestyle. I don’t say this often about anybody really but he’s a 10 out of 10, working with him was an absolute game-changer, a stepping point in my career.

Testimonial Axinte D. Tiberiu
Axinte D. Tiberiu
Professional Poker Player

Through hypnotherapy I managed to understand myself better and be more aware of my body and mind. With Steve help, we found that I had a perfectionist mindset and therefore I often found myself in a place blaming and being too harsh because I was living life as a black or white scenario. The hypnotherapy sessions helped me to develop compassion as well as confidence in my daily life. Im looking forward to working with Steve and unlocking doors that have been closed and reveal more about myself. I think this experience is a great tool to evolve as a human being and discover the maximum potential within ourselves

Testimonial Anderson Urbano
Anderson Urbano
Professional Poker Player

I was fortunate enough to meet Steve on my path. Initially I thought he was just going to help me to make more money at Poker, and he did, but the end result of our sessions were a big paradigm shift in my perception of reality. The man is brilliant, he has many many qualities that I would look after in a professional high performance coach. What impacted me the most was his level of empathy, being someone who clearly had a rich life of deep learning and experiences, he was able to understand the many layers of complexity of the broader life I wanted to solve through our sessions, while being extremely consistent delivering solutions that never crossed my mind. The methodology and exercises are extremely effective, easy to understand and repeat by yourself. I managed to break through major emotional locks that I previously thought were part of my personality.

Testimonial Martin Sedlak
Martin Sedlak
Professional Poker Player

Working with Stephen helped me not only to improve at the poker tables but also in every other part of my life. His expertise helped me overcome my nicotine addiction in just one 30-minute hypnotherapy session, where I had struggled for months on my own. If you’re dealing with tilt, having trouble sticking to your workout routine, or find it challenging to perform at your best, Stephen is the right person to help you reach the next level and unleash your full potential.

Testimonial Bogdan Alexandru
Bogdan Alexandru
Professional Poker Player

Before my first session I was quite sceptical that hypnotherapy could address my issues but after that I felt so good! My main problems were nutrition and anger management after long tough days but Steve managed to help me to find the way to fix them all! I am really happy that I decided to accept Steve’s help and I look forward to having more sessions in the future!

Ryan Otto
Professional Poker Player

Stephen was paramount in helping me improve my mindset and structure around the game. I’ve changed almost everything on how I approach the game both on and away from the table. It’s no coincidence that since working with him I have been on a solid trajectory change including a huge winning streak and my first online WSOP bracelet.

I enjoy the game more, feel more in control, and emotionally feel a lot more balanced before, during, and after the game.

I highly recommend anyone considering utilising Stephen’s services, it is well worth the investment.

Testimonial Martin Surovec
Martin Surovec
Professional Poker Player

I just had the biggest score of my career. I started working with you in January and soon had my best ever result. That did not last long because I have now had a new big score. I think I handled the tournament and final table pretty great as far as mindset goes. Just wanted to let you know that your work bears fruit and I could not be happier.

Testimonial Sergiu Zaharia
Sergiu Zaharia
Professional Poker Player

I have always struggled with insecurities, high levels of emotions and lack of self confidence when I was in high pressure moments. After three sessions with Steve I started to understand my emotions and the reasons behind them. This helped me a lot because I experienced a totally new kind of feeling in terms of relaxation and self confidence.