Thrive Under Pressure

Develop Resilience and Unlock Your Peak Potential!

Experience the difference that our tailored, research-based approach can make in helping you thrive and unlock your full potential in high-stakes environments.


I have worked in high-performance environments and coached world-class performers in various fields. With my expertise & experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge to help you excel.


I am qualified and coach science-backed high-performance tools, including flow psychology. By integrating the latest research, I provide evidence-based strategies for optimal performance.


I understand the gap often exists between wanting to change and actually making a change. My coaching incorporates proven psychological techniques to bridge that gap.


A Performance Coach
Who Takes It To The Next Level!

I’m Stephen Baker, and as a performance coach I have helped many clients  overcome challenges to unlocking your untapped potential, and achieving . With my diverse background as a courtroom lawyer, entrepreneur, professional poker player, and performance coach, I possess a profound understanding of excelling in high-performance environments and navigating life’s complexities.

I tailor my coaching methods to suit your unique needs and aspirations. Together, we will explore your goals, identify areas for growth, and develop a roadmap for success. Throughout our journey, I provide constant support, creating a space for you to explore your strengths, address challenges, and pursue your vision and goals . By addressing limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers, we  unlock the mindset required for peak performance and personal fulfilment.


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Stephen Baker Empowering You to Reach Your Full Potential!

Why Choose me?

As a mentor for the prestigious Flow Genome Project and with expertise in various domains, including neuroscience, psychology, and performance optimization, I bring a unique perspective and cutting-edge methodologies to help you achieve peak performance. By integrating insights from these fields, I provide you with the tools and guidance needed to unlock your full potential and achieve lasting success.

My Performance Coaching Program Is Based On:

The Mindset Advantage Podcast

Unleashing Your Full Potential

Gain insight  into the minds of accomplished professional poker players and former professionals who have transitioned into new careers with The Mindset Advantage Podcast. Uncover the profound impact of mindset and performance optimization through candid conversations with these exceptional guests who have conquered the world of poker and beyond. Through in-depth interviews, we unveil the strategies, habits, and mental frameworks that propelled them to excellence.

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Scientific Proven Results

Achieve Sustainable Results by Applying Cutting-Edge Insights and Strategies

As a performance coach, I am dedicated to incorporating cutting-edge research and practical applications into my coaching methods. By integrating insights from diverse fields like flow psychology, neuroscience, and performance optimization, I offer a comprehensive approach that combines scientific knowledge with real-world strategies. This integration allows you to gain a profound understanding of the principles of peak performance and apply them effectively in your personal and professional life.

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1on1 Performance Coaching

Personalized Coaching Program for Extraordinary Success and Lasting Fulfillment

Experience unparalleled growth and unlock profound levels of happiness and fulfillment through personalized 1-on-1 coaching. Whether you are an established high-performer or looking to move to the next level up, my transformative coaching program is designed to propel you beyond your limits. Together, we will uncover your untapped potential, overcome obstacles, and develop tailored strategies for your unique goals.

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